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8-16+ Years


The educational set Evergreen Tree is an interactive game for children of age 8+

The STEMICO magazine contains interesting facts about the structure of trees, photosynthesis and Scandinavian moss.
The STEMICO magazine will also give answers to the following questions:

What is the oldest tree?
Which is the thickest tree?
What is the strangest tree?
Is there a tree without roots?

And many others!!!!
There will be an additional Origami model so that your child can make and put a bird on the tree.

Additional ideas: You can use the evergreen tree as a hanger for keys or other small things, the place of which you want the child to remember.
The set contains all the necessary materials, parts and instructions for assembling the model.
Price 23.01 EUR
The sets are equally suitable for girls and boys !!!
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